2007-2018 / Sprinter Van Fabric - Magnetic Rear Door Window Shade

Feb 26, 2022

Enhance Your Sprinter Van with Our Premium Rear Door Window Shade

Welcome to Kiwi Steves Hot Rod Shop, the leading provider of top-notch auto parts and accessories. If you own a 2007-2018 Sprinter Van and want to enhance both its functionality and style, you've come to the right place. Our fabric magnetic rear door window shade is a must-have addition to your vehicle, providing numerous benefits and improving your driving experience.

Unmatched Quality and Design

At Kiwi Steves Hot Rod Shop, we take pride in offering only the highest-quality products to our customers. Our fabric magnetic rear door window shade is crafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring a perfect fit for your Sprinter Van. Made from durable and attractive fabric, our window shade not only protects you and your passengers from harmful UV rays but also adds a touch of elegance to your vehicle's interior.

Easy Installation and Convenient Usage

Gone are the days of struggling with complex installations. Our fabric magnetic rear door window shade is designed for effortless installation without the need for any additional tools. Thanks to its magnetic mounting system, the shade securely attaches to your Sprinter Van's rear door window in seconds. Plus, its lightweight and compact design allow for easy storage when not in use.

Benefits of Using Our Rear Door Window Shade

1. Protection from Harmful UV Rays

With our rear door window shade, you can shield yourself and your passengers from harmful UV rays, reducing the risk of skin damage and eye strain caused by prolonged exposure to the sun.

2. Enhanced Privacy

Whether you're parked in a crowded area or enjoying a well-deserved break during your travels, our window shade adds an extra layer of privacy. It prevents prying eyes from peeking into your van, allowing you to relax and enjoy your privacy.

3. Reduced Glare and Heat

Driving under intense sunlight can be uncomfortable and potentially hazardous. Our fabric magnetic rear door window shade effectively reduces glare, ensuring a clearer view of the road. Additionally, it helps keep the interior temperature of your Sprinter Van cooler, reducing the need for excessive air conditioning and saving fuel in the process.

4. Easy Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining our rear door window shade is a breeze. Simply wipe it with a damp cloth or use mild soap and water to remove any dirt or stains.

Why Choose Kiwi Steves Hot Rod Shop?

When it comes to finding the best auto parts and accessories, you deserve nothing but the best. Here's why Kiwi Steves Hot Rod Shop stands out from the competition:

  • Extensive Selection: We offer a wide range of top-quality products for various vehicle models, including the 2007-2018 Sprinter Van.
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  • Fast Shipping: We offer prompt and reliable shipping options to ensure that you receive your order in a timely manner.

Order Your Fabric Magnetic Rear Door Window Shade Today

Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your 2007-2018 Sprinter Van with our fabric magnetic rear door window shade. Shop now at Kiwi Steves Hot Rod Shop and experience the perfect blend of style, functionality, and convenience.

For any questions or further assistance, please contact our customer support team. We're here to help you make the most out of your Sprinter Van and provide you with the best automotive solutions available.

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Faisal Alloush
Great addition to upgrade your Sprinter Van! 👌🚐
Nov 8, 2023
Troy Brown
I'm always on the lookout for accessories to enhance my Sprinter Van, and this window shade caught my eye.
Sep 21, 2023
Metji Dewa
The magnetic feature is a great idea for easy installation and removal. It's convenient and functional.
Jul 5, 2023
Brad Morton
This rear door window shade seems like a practical and stylish addition.
May 30, 2023
Sergei Kaminsky
I've been looking for a quality window shade for my van and this looks perfect!
May 11, 2023
Breno Masi
I've been searching for a good rear door window shade for my Sprinter Van. This could be the one!
May 8, 2023
Elissa Betterbid
The functionality and style of this window shade is exactly what I've been looking for.
Jan 27, 2023
Stephanie Mullen
I appreciate the attention to detail and quality of this rear door window shade.
Jan 27, 2023
Heather Virga
I appreciate the attention to detail in the design of this window shade. It's a great addition for Sprinter Van owners.
Dec 25, 2022
Jennifer Harrell
I can see how this window shade would make a difference in the comfort of my van.
Dec 3, 2022
Wesley Grimm
This window shade looks very practical and stylish for Sprinter Vans.
Nov 27, 2022
Randy Phillips
I love the sleek design of this rear door window shade! It would definitely add a touch of elegance to any Sprinter Van.
Nov 17, 2022
Marianne Goldin
The simplicity and functionality of this rear door window shade make it a must-have for Sprinter Van owners.
Oct 14, 2022
Curt Green
I love how this window shade enhances the style of the Sprinter Van.
Jul 20, 2022
Steven Aspinall
The fabric used for this window shade seems high quality and durable.
May 11, 2022
Linda Engle
This rear door window shade is a great addition to my Sprinter Van.
Apr 24, 2022
Patricia Anderson
The magnetic rear door window shade is a game-changer for Sprinter Van owners. Love the innovation!
Apr 21, 2022
We've been looking for a window shade for our Sprinter Van and this looks like the perfect solution!
Apr 15, 2022
Coco Huemer
Thanks for providing premium auto parts for Sprinter Vans!
Apr 9, 2022
Elena Esposito
Can't wait to try out this fabric mag window shade on my van!
Mar 26, 2022
The magnetic feature of this window shade is a clever design choice.
Mar 23, 2022